Ermelo’s young mind paves the way innovation with Agri-Alert

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Photo: David de Wet


Eleven-year-old David de Wet from Ermelo has turned a daily farming hassle into an award-winning invention, the “Hekmeester”. This ingenious tool makes it easier for farmers to open and close their gates, a simple yet revolutionary idea that won him acclaim at last year’s Nampo Harvest Day. His victory led to interviews on TV and radio and featured in major agricultural publications, making David a local hero.


The “Hekmeester” came from David’s experiences on his family’s farm. Frustrated by the cumbersome gates, he envisioned a solution. With encouragement and hands-on help from his dad and granddad, David created the first model of the “Hekmeester”, showcasing the power of collaboration and family support in bringing an idea to life.

David’s innovation recently caught the attention of Agri-Alert, leading to an exciting partnership announced at a recent Cattle Day in Ermelo. This partnership is a testament to Agri-Alert’s commitment to nurturing young talent and innovative ideas in agriculture.


Agri-Alert’s backing has put David at the forefront of a movement encouraging young inventors to bring their ideas to life. This collaboration underscores the belief that age is no obstacle to making a meaningful contribution. David’s journey from concept to reality is an inspiring story of innovation, family support, and partnership, highlighting that anyone can make a difference in the world with a bit of creativity and determination.


As David prepares for this year’s Nampo show, his presentation goes beyond just an invention; it’s a testament to what young minds can achieve with the right mix. of creativity and teamwork. His journey is a shining example to kids all around, showing that any idea, no matter how small, can blossom into something truly extraordinary with support from family and the community.


If you’re interested in learning more about the “Hekmeester” or making a purchase, please visit Agri-Alert.


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