Professional support for agri-auctioneers

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A flourish of new auctioneers has established themselves across the agricultural industry largely as a result of the largescale move to digital platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

SAIA was established by auctioneers in 1985 to provide a clear set of industry standards that entrench ethical practices. It represents corporate, small business and individual auctioneers across all disciplines.

Here are some of the top reasons to join the association:

1. Promote understanding of the profession.
2. Promote trust in the profession.
3. Enhance status and trustworthiness of companies.
4. Setting professional standards.
5. Provide professional competence-based designations under a recognised professional body.
6. Guarantee of competence of the duly designated members.
7. Strong legislative and regulatory foundation that promotes fairness and builds trust in the system.
8. Support and enforce the standardisation of best practice and compliance in the industry to ensure the protection of both the professional and public interest.
9. Provide sustainable service to members through standardisation, and meeting demands from stakeholders in the regulatory autonomies and public circles.
10. Improve the employability and credibility of auctioneers.

“We want all new entrants and existing companies to join SAIA and take a load off their shoulders. We want to help them formalise their businesses and promote sustainable and ethical practices throughout the industry,” says SAIA head of membership, Marc Roberts.

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