John Deere launches new Ecommerce website for parts

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John Deere Africa Middle East announced their new e-commerce platform for parts sales today. This e-commerce solution will allow customers to purchase parts 24-hours a day.

Goals of the Platform

John Deere actively supports the performance, uptime, and decreased cost of operations for our farmers.

“With the new online shopfront, farmers can shop for parts during season, minimising downtime,” says Janalize van Buuren, Director Aftermarket & Customer Support. “Should a machine fail in the field late at night, farmers do not have to wait until the next day to order the part from their closest dealer, they can order it online, via their phone or computer. The dealer will have the part ready the following morning for collection or delivery, increasing uptime and lowering expenses.”

Launching of the Platform

“The aim is not to replace our brick-and-mortar stores, but to increase our customer’s uptime, productivity and through that lower their costs,” says Janalize van Buuren, Director Aftermarket & Customer Support. “The online store does not replace our dealerships, instead we are strengthening our dealer network by providing them with an additional sales and marketing channel they do not currently have.”

Why this E-commerce solution?

Over the past 24 months, statistics have shown that the e-commerce industry has grown rapidly partly fueled by Covid-19, and, with more and more customers turning online for their shopping needs, John Deere is supporting their customers changing shopping behavior by offering the convenience to buy selected parts for John Deere equipment online.

It’s all about the convenience of shopping online. “We want to support our farmers and make shopping for parts a seamless experience, no matter what time of day or night,” says Jaco Beyers, Director Sales and Marketing.

What has changed?

Previously, customers were only able to purchase via 96 South African Dealerships.

“What’s great about this concept is that we are contributing to a growing sector and not replacing one that is thriving. We’re growing, creating awareness, building our brand, whilst also including more urbanised customers,” says Janalize. “Our John Deere merchandise, popular with the younger generation, will also be sold on the new shopfront, through the current supplier.”

How will the new shopfront work?

The new John Deere online parts store offers a simple-to-use interface:

Customers will browse the website and log in when ready to purchase.

Customers will choose the closest branch to them.

Customers will order parts, select their delivery/collection options and pay online through the complete online check-out process.
The John Deere Dealership will fulfill the customers’ orders.

Courier will be arranged (catering specifically to farm deliveries) to collect the parcel at the dealership.

Customers will be notified once their order has been collected. As soon as delivery takes place, the order will be listed as completed.

When and where?

This platform will launch in South Africa and from 1 February 2022, you can visit to experience the new online shopfront and order your parts.

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