Scam Alerts

Scam Alerts

STOP – Read This Before You Proceed



Spammers have targeted our site over the past few months. With the help of some of our users, we quickly spot these and remove them immediately from the site, but with the rate at which ads are being placed on the site, we sometimes miss a few and unfortunately, some of our users have fallen for these scams and lost money to these fraudsters. We have therefore come up this guideline to protect our users from such.


Posing as sellers, spammers place fake adverts on AgriOnline when potential buyers try to contact them, usually, the phone number is faulty, invalid or diverted to voicemail. Now, because spam adverts are usually cheaper, well below market rates, the potential buyer will pursue the seller then use the “contact seller” button to contact the seller by e-mail.


The spammer will respond with a story of being in the UK or anywhere out of the country and at this point by email the seller informs the customer that they are unable to use the phone and that they can only converse via email.


The seller will ask for a deposit or the full price to be transferred to them but after they have received the money they create an excuse as to why they cannot release the vehicle, need more money to be transferred or become impossible to contact.



Below is a list of things to avoid when using this site:



LOOK OUT for vehicles that are below market rate because the seller is a widow or a funny story. Try to look for vehicles that are within market rates, anything “cheap” should always be scrutinised.



DO NOT make payment until you have actually seen the vehicle and are you happy with it.



AVOID making any payments to Western Union or E-bay for adverts you have seen on AgriOnline, most of them are scam adverts.



BE CAUTIOUS if the advert or ensuing emails are full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar, as this seems to be a trait of fraudulent adverts.



Finally, if you are suspicious or not sure of anything at all, do not hesitate to email us for guidance.


AgriOnline Team

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