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Update: Senekal

Update: Senekal

16 October 2020


Hundreds of EFF member arrives in Senekal, Free State today where a peaceful protest against farm murders was planned.


Willem Petzer said on a Live video that the protest was divided. All parties were in small groups, where they were making hotdogs and playing music.

He said that he feels that it is unnecessary and disrespectful. People should be grieving to support the family.

He would have preferred a more quiet and dignified manner.

“But maybe it could be a way to keep the crowds calm” he said.



AfriForum Kallie Kriel said it is important to keep the attention on the real problem this time and not to move away from the real concept. What happened last week in Senekal took the attention from the real purpose and such behaviour must not take place again. The real purpose of the protest is to make sure that the message is being heard. Kriel mentioned that the AfriForum achieved a lot of success in the previous protests they organised. For now is the farm murders and attacks the most important protest.


Kriel said that the protest is just one part of the things they should do, the most important part is for them to be able to protect themselves.

At the meeting they will be talking about what the AfriForum is planning to do, because the people can not put they trust on the government. The government will not protect them.



Dr Theo de Jager from SAAI said that he does not like the things that is happening in this country. He is tired of all the killings.

He believes that the EFF will not cause any trouble and move from the camp they are placed in by the police but if the EFF get a chance to pass through the police he believes that nothing major would happen because of the strong security they have on their side


SA farmers is getting support from all over the world.

We hope this would bring an end to this brutal murders.




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