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SA Agricultural Crime Prevention Institute helps to fight crime

SA Agricultural Crime Prevention Institute helps to fight crime

15 OCT 2020


The South African Agricultural Crime Prevention Institute (SAACPI) is a private initiative that has compiled an advanced rural safety strategy and activation plan.

This plan is endorsed by TLU SA, Agri SA, Southern African Agri Initiative (Saai), Ethical Work Group, PASE, Fortis Proactive Defence Solutions, Strategic Response and Rescue Unit (SRU) HiRisk Unit, One Stop K9 Security Force, Oostermoed Protection Services, Oostermoed K9, Entrée Emergency Medical Consultants, ProWings Training, Pretoria Forensic and Firearm Training Academy, Verifier, SA BodyCam, and ECM Technologies, to name a few.

In addition, the SAACPI partnered with ER24 to render emergency medical services. The SAACPI is in close co-operation with rural safety structures that the South African Police Service (SAPS) have already established.



Maintaining agricultural security and combating crime

It is the mission of the SAACPI and its official partners to improve and maintain agricultural security through the proactive prevention and combating of serious and violent crimes in South African farming communities. This will be accomplished in collaboration with the SAPS, community policing forums, existing rural safety structures, as well as agricultural unions or associations and communities.

SAACPI forward operating posts will function as specialist multidisciplinary teams providing support to existing rural safety structures. Furthermore, these operating posts fall within the ambit of statutory regulations. All shifts will perform specialist tasks around the clock in view of the following:

• Proactive prevention as a primary function through advanced technologies and strategies.

• Specialist tactical response, tracking, and recovery, including a K9 unit.

• Application of emergency medical response.

• Application of specialist equipment such as thermal night vision and infrared drones.

The SAACPI also offers the following services:

• Continuous development of preventative technologies.

• Assisting the SAPS with intelligence collection and investigations.

• Monitoring court proceedings.

• Providing farming communities with direct access to private forensic services.

• Providing farming communities with direct access to specialist multidisciplinary training in self-defence, first person on scene (FPOS), and first aid.

• Providing victims direct access to trauma counselling.


Donations and sponsorships

The SAACPI will run on donations and sponsorships. SAACPI is collobarating with its donation management partner Unity Values, which facilitates all corporate and individual donations on behalf of the SAACPI.

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