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Ramaphosa: Agriculture can create space in economy for young people

Ramaphosa: Agriculture can create space in economy for young people

29 June 2020


President Cyril Ramaphosa has once again reiterated government’s belief in the potential of agriculture to contribute to job creation in South Africa and the imperative to upscale support for emerging and small-scale.

Speaking with them at the online gathering, commemorating the 65th anniversary of the Freedom Charter on Friday.  Ramaphosa again emphasised agriculture’s potential to make space for younger people in the economy. 

There is significant scope to increase manufacturing and job-creation in the agricultural sector and we must ensure that all stakeholders work together to develop the sector. We need to scale-up support for emerging and small-scale farmers and bring more young people into the sector.


According to the president the Freedom Charter demands the government to guarantee that “land shall be shared among those who work it.” 

This harkens back to the systematic dispossession of land, which remains one of the greatest injustices suffered by Black people in the history of our country. We are addressing this heinous crime against the people,” he said 

The states action plan to return land to the people has been accelerated since 2018, he added. 

We returned land to communities in KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, the Northern and Western Cape and other areas.

The joy and pride one observes on the faces of those whose land is returned is humbling and serves as a reminder of what we seek to do. Serve the people and ensure that we create a better life for all. 

According to Ramaphosa this programme has thus far concentrated on releasing state land to the people, but they are also working hard to complete other aspects of the land reform programme. 

Parliament needs to revive its processes to finalise the conditions under which expropriation of land will take place. This will bring certainty to a process that has been underway since early 2018,” he said. 


Source: Food For Mzansi