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Online agricultural retail empowers sellers using re-commerce

For years second-hand goods portals, also known as re-commerce sites, have existed enabling sellers and buyers to trade on a wide variety of products from an array of sectors. However, Agri Online has centralised all agricultural related products to assist buyers and sellers to identify industry-specific goods and products, and also offer clients after-sales service and expert knowledge which adss to our value proposition.

Globally research shows that digital retail platforms are growing dramatically, especially in the used goods market, and we have noticed that the platforms that are empowering their clients by offering more than just a trade platform are becoming the most popular.

This system not only endorses consumer confidence as buyers and sellers trade on an industry-specific platform vetted and managed by agricultural experts but it also assists clients to make informed purchasing and selling choices because they can compare relevant products. By placing the power back in the hands of the man on the street consumers can engage far more accurately with traders.

Data prices in South Africa have come down significantly and that has influenced the eCommerce space in a major way. Accessibility is far greater and we’re seeing market penetration in previously undiscovered and underutilized regions.

In a research paper published in 2019 titled. ONLINE RETAILING IN SOUTH AFRICA: AN OVERVIEW, it states that e-commerce is growing rapidly from a small base and, as data costs come down, logistics improve and trial increases it can be expected to grow even faster. It is therefore important that South Africa considers the implications of e-commerce for its industrial strategy and growth plans.

The online platforms ability to evolve and implement new strategies immediately to further assist clients with regards to service and improved products far outweighs the traditional retail market. With the agricultural market as it is, widespread across the Southern African landscape, many farmers and other Agri roleplayers are unable to regularly travel to retail outlets to browse products. This can often be an expensive and futile exercise. However, as it is with online companies in the US like Amazon and eBay, we’re seeing a major uptake by users due to convenience.


At Agri Online we will continue to empower our clients and develop plans that improve their trading experience in the agricultural sector.

Dieter Steyn
Managing Director
Agri Online