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Northern Cape farmers to benefit from drought-relief fund

Northern Cape farmers to benefit from drought-relief fund

7th Oct 2020


Drought-stricken farmers in the Northern Cape have until the 15 October 2020 to apply for urgent relief funding availed by the provincial department of agriculture, land reform and rural development.

The MEC, Mase Manopole, clarifies that the drought-relief fund has been allocated to ensure that livestock farmers across the supply spectrum are able to purchase fodder through a voucher system with pre-identified agri-businesses.

Farmers in especially the Namakwa district, including the district municipalities of Pixley Ka Seme and ZF Mgcawu, will be prioritised. Manopole says, “Qualifying farms are those located within the drought-stricken areas of the province as identified through the early-warning committee of the department.”



Exactly who qualifies?

Funding will exclusively be rolled out to Northern Cape farmers who are in possession of valid confirmation of land tenure, including necessary documentation such as a title deed, tribal resolution, or written permission to occupy land.

Applicants will also need a valid brand mark certificate as well as a completed application form with the relevant signatures indicating the latest livestock figures in their possession.

Farmers who had previously applied and participated in the 2019 relief fund need not re-apply. “These applicants need not re-submit proof of farming and brand mark certificate,” Manopole says. The MEC furthermore stresses that district extension officers can confirm if relevant documentation is still on file.

Exclusions from the relief fund, however, include:

  • farmers who have qualified and benefitted from the covid-19 disaster relief fund;
  • government officials, except those with valid permission as per section 30 of the Public Service Act;
  • all crop production businesses; and
  • financing of any licks, drugs or medication vaccines.


Further information

  • Namakwa district manager, Darren Engelbrecht, at 082 560 8855.
  • Pixley Ka Seme district manager, Ntombi Mokgalagadi, at 082 559 7289.
  • ZF Mgcawu district manager, Christo Smit, at 082 559 6778.



Source: Food For Mzansi

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