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Industry Warning – Scam

Industry Warning – Scam

Over the last few months Agri Online has picked up a string of “scam dealers” in the used equipment industry attempting to sell several implements. In the majority of these scams, the sellers use popular models in the market especially e.g Massey Ferguson 290.

How to pick up a scam:

  1. Price – If its too good to be true then it probably is a scam.
  2. Deposit – In most cases scammers request an upfront deposit to secure the sale.
  3. Pictures – Observe picture backgrounds carefully. Most scammers use downloaded images and backgrounds will usually show where the item is located.
  4. Fake Websites – Several of these scammers have setup websites to deceive buyers into believing the business is legitimate. One example of this is who use images from reputable South African dealers.

How to avoid a scam

  1. Google offers an image reverse search where you can upload an image and find its original source or other websites the image is used. Click here to see this tool.
  2. Use the CIPC website to confirm business details.
  3. Use the google images map to verify location of business.
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