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Agricultural digitalisation to improve long term sustainability and food security

Agricultural digitalisation to improve long term sustainability and food security

The agricultural equipment and vehicle trade industry has changed dramatically over the past few decades evolving into a sector that includes a wide variety of both traditional and digital trades. Analysing accessibility to products from a digital perspective, the digital revolution has undoubtedly enabled many farmers to purchase and locate products more methodically which translates into greater efficiency.
In a fast-paced modern business, environment efficiency is imperative for farmers and other agricultural participants to have access to the latest technology and information, simply at the press of a button. This, combined with ever-rising input costs in South Africa, effectiveness and affordability play a huge role in bottom line profits.
“At Agri Online we ensure that the agricultural sector is serviced in the most relevant and systematized manner possible. By providing the industry with buy and sell digital platform that does most of the leg work, farmers are able to focus on what’s most important,” said Dieter Steyn Managing Director of Agri Online.
Steyn goes on to explain that the traditional methods of buying and selling implements, equipment, tractors and other vehicles are tedious and cumbersome comparing to digital channels and that Agri Online is dedicated to being at the forefront of the agricultural industry.
“In Africa, we have a unique opportunity to explore multi-faceted digital solutions because of our varied farming sector. Taking a look at mechanisation in the emerging farming sector the digitisation of trade is crucial to the success of sustainable growth. Access to online trading platforms will continue to influence agricultural practices and long term food security in Africa,” explained Graham Mutyambizi, Agri Online Marketing Manager.
For a farmer that is far from the city and large towns and is not able to easily drive to a local tractor salesman and browse the sales floor Agri Online provides the perfect solution. Similarly, if a consumer is searching for something specific and wants a wide variety of products Agri Online is to offer that. Sellers benefit greatly too, as they speak to a targeted audience on multiple digital platforms.
According to Ave-news GT, a digital trading platform in AgTech sector, “As younger generations become more tech-savvy than anyone before them, there is already tremendous potential for them to contribute via technology. As investment in Africa increases, due to its tremendous potential to increase food security, many startups and technological innovations are dedicated to finding streamlined, secure, and innovative ways to optimize agriculture from farm all the way to market.”
Dieter Steyn
Managing Director
Agri Online

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