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African Women in Agriculture launches World Food Day activities

African Women in Agriculture launches World Food Day activities

29 September 2020



AWIA is a women’s organisation, whose vision is to capacitate women’s access to the agricultural ecosystem, driving socio economic impact through the initiation of disruptive virtual and physical communities.


As part of World Food Day 2020 preparations, African Women in Agriculture (AWIA) decided to arrange a planting day campaign designed to raise awareness on the plight of emerging farmers.

In response to the low participation of African women in agriculture, AWIA was founded as a non-profit company in May 2018, with the purpose of developing, promoting and supporting women agri-preneurs. AWIA’s first project is in South Africa. African Women in South Africa and beyond have limited access to finance, agricultural inputs such as seeds, farming implements and transport.

They are impacted by a lack of agricultural skills and infrastructure, and the majority of them are involved in small-scale farming due to limited resources. AWIA intends to run a number of initiatives to raise awareness.


The organisation will be planting spinach and spring onion seedlings in preparation for World Food Day, which this year falls on October 16, 2020. AWIA has access to 10 hectares of arable and fertile land in the Bronkhorstfontein/ Eikenhof area in Johannesburg South, which is ideally located for their beneficiaries.



Source: Rising Sun Overport

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