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80-year-old KZN farmer dies after brutal attack on his farm

80-year-old KZN farmer dies after brutal attack on his farm

Police in KwaZulu-Natal have launched an investigation into the brutal murder of an 80-year-old farmer who died three days after he was found tied to a tree, with a gunshot wound.

According to reports, Muden farmer Mpozana Khumalo was attacked after he went to check on his livestock.

It is alleged that Khumalo had gone out to tend to his livestock when he was confronted by a group of men who assaulted him before tying him to tree, shooting him and leaving him for dead.

DA KZN Spokesperson for Agriculture and Rural Development, Chris Pappas, expressed his sadness at Khumalo’s murder.

He said Khumalo was described as a “humble and gentle person who had spent his life farming and tending to the family livestock.”

Pappas said due to their isolation and vulnerability, farmers and farm workers were being disproportionality affected by crime.

“The reality is that they are being attacked and killed at much greater rates than any other group. It seems that every week brings another farm attack or murder.

“Given this, the DA remains deeply concerned by the ongoing inaccuracy of rural crime statistics presented by police. We are aware of incidents that have taken place on farms, which SAPS have refused to classify as farm attacks or murders,” he said.

Source: Independent Online

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